India is expected to witness a surge in rooftop installations to meet its solar rooftop installation targets set by the Government. Solar rooftop adoption rate has been accelerating over the past few years. Roof mount solar power systems are a popular choice for governments, commercial, industrial facilities, residential, schools and universities.

Depending on the available roof area and your electricity usage profile, you may be able to generate 100 % of the energy you need through solar power. In some locations, excess power can be sold back to the electrical grid, potentially generating revenue from the Rooftop Solar Systems.

Benefits :

  • A low-cost, proven and common way to tap solar power
  • Revenue generation from under-used roof areas
  • Doesn't require additional space other than free area on the roof
  • Safeguard against the increasing power tariffs

Services Offered by HFM Solar

HFM Solar offers both Capex and Resco solutions in setting up Rooftop Solar Power Systems