Under this model, a Resco Developer such as HFM Solar finances, installs, operates and maintains the solar power plant. HFM Solar takes complete ownership and responsibility of the solar plant for the duration of its lifetime, allowing consumers to go solar without upfront investments or additional expenses.

HFM Solar, as the Resco Developer signs a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the consumer. HFM Solar sells the power generated from the solar plant to the consumer, who only pays for the electricity generated, for which they have to pay a pre - decided tariff which is lower than the prevailing grid electricity tariff to the Resco Developer on a monthly basis for the tenure of the agreement.

Under this model, HFM Solar and the consumer, agree on a tariff (per kWh of Solar Power) and on a timeline of a PPA (typically between 25 years, but customizable as per customer requirement).

Who Is It For

Services Offered by HFM Solar

Our Resco solar solution provides an end to end service - right from studying site feasibility to the final plant commissioning, and financing while ensuring highest standards of quality and safety. Our Resco services also include managing the complete operation and maintenance of the solar plant to maximize power production for the timeline of the PPA.