Alternative "green" energy is on the rise everywhere across the world, and solar power's share of the green market is growing rapidly in India.

Solar at educational institutions such as schools, colleges & universities offer an ideal energy source for powering cost conscious and eco friendly facilities that serve thousands of people. Educational institutions are centre's for knowledge and pathways to the future. Clearly, solar has a bright future since it cuts energy costs, reduces current greenhouse gas emissions, provides a sustainability design and can also have a wide reaching social and cultural impact.

HFM Solar has already partnered with several educational institutions in implementing solar energy system to meet their power and sustainability needs. We understand the challenges witnessed by institutions and work with them to overcome them.

Benefits :

  • Efficient use of available rooftops at institutes
  • Reduce energy consumption and operating costs
  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Inculcates consciousness towards environment amongst students as they get a hands on solar experience
  • Comply with the solar RPO Compliance
  • Acting on sustainability goals, boosts the Institutes credibility
  • Dependable & Reliable source of unlimited energy
  • Low maintenance cost