Commercial & Industrial sectors use significant amounts of energy, and stakeholders are becoming increasingly aware of the potential savings that solar power operations can deliver.

Commercial and industrial owners can benefit from installing solar energy on business or factory roofs, or as ground mounted systems on a commercial or industrial campus. Many corporations have massive manufacturing facilities with expansive flat roof space, and installing a solar array in that space can be a source of clean, inexpensive energy.

Our tailored contracts help businesses offset emissions, demonstrate climate leadership, and generate goodwill and positive publicity.

Whether you are trying to reduce your energy bill, looking for a hedge against the risk of rising electricity prices or simply trying to make a sustainability statement, we at HFM Solar can assist you.

Benefits :

  • Solar saves businesses money, directly reflecting in the company financials
  • Foster a sustainable brand image
  • RPO Compliance
  • Green Commitment
  • Hedge against rising energy costs