In Capital Expenditure (Capex) Model, the consumer purchases the solar system by making 100% of the investment upfront.

In this model, we develop, construct and, if required by the customer, operate & maintain the Solar PV System. The customer / solar system owner purchases the system at a one time upfront payment, allowing the customer to own the system, and claim tax and depreciation benefits.

Who Is It For

If your premises offer ample space for installing a solar power plant and you are willing to make the upfront investment in owning a solar power plant, all the while reducing your electricity bills or your carbon footprint, then the Capex Model is the answer to your needs.

Services Offered by HFM Solar

Our turnkey EPC solution includes the entire project, right from studying site feasibility to the final plant commissioning while ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. In some cases, this also includes managing the complete operation and maintenance of the solar plant.